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Third & Sixth Bistrobar is Lapel's first-ever bistro dive bar outlet and it represents what the Lapel guys love and stand for – great burgers (sinful and tasty), copious amount of alcohol (especially beers), and quality balls-out music (especially rock music from '90s). Located at 36 Seah Street, the place is a no-frills, chill-out dive kind of a place for the working professionals and yuppies, especially those who are similar to the founders themselves – passionate about music, in the media and creative industries, and fans of popular culture, especially films and comics. 

On the menu will be a whole list of awesome burgers, to go perfectly with various types of beers that the place carries. Of course, there will also be tasty bar snacks done in the bistro's trademark style, plus other copious amount of alcoholic beverages. Open  for six days a week, taking off on Sunday to go to church or just sleep in. After all, night owls do need to have a good night's sleep now and then.

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